this is just a brief mentioning
of CASTANEDA. a coming
report in our series will deal
extensively with CARLOS
YAQUI indians of mexico

the series "it's a psychedelic world" will be continued. coming reports
SCIENCE FICTION. plus lots of psychedelic graffiti

his legendary documentarries and dramas
about animals and nature paved the way
for a new arareness and a new attitude
towards creation and created a basis for
environemntalism and other things

penguin by SENZ (IGP), zurich
'letten', dec. 2014

besides researching hallucinogenic substances,
ALBERT HOFMANN also discovered import
cardiovascular drugs. plus he wrote hundreds of
scientific treatises and books. he received worldwide
honors and was a member of the nobel comitteee

in the context of this article, terms such as 'psychedelic' psychotropic, hallucinoegenic'
and 'psychoactive' are used as synonyms denoting the same thing, i.e. 'generating
altered states of mind / awareness'
this report has been drawn up for people for are already somewhat familiar with the topics
and person presented here

graffiti at 'letten' free-wall area, zurich/switzerland, jan. 2014, by PSYNE

freestyle composition at 'letten' free-wall area in zurich/switzerland, april 2014,
by unknown artist(s)

the peruvian
well did intensive
research of
psychotropic plants
such as peyote,
mushrooms und
mainly DATURA
(jimson weed)


this report kicks off
our new series 'it's
a psychedelic

peyote cactus

COUNTDOWN is a zurich/switzerland based alternative web magazine featuring news +
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the psychedelic world of peyote, LSD, psilocybin, albert hofmann,
walt disney, jimi hendrix, graffiti and lots more...

all graffiti photos were taken in zurich/switzerland by other picture material taken from various sources. all material
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„it is a widely held opinion that the objective, material view of the world
held by natural sciences and the mystic-religious experience contradict
each other. the contrary is true. they supplement each other to create a
comprehensive insight into the same mental and material reality"

in 2008, one year before he died, albert hofmann after a poll held by
'creators synetics' in the UK was declared to be the greatest living genius in
the world by a jury of experts - together with TIM BERNERS-LEE, the
inventor of the internet

albert hofmann did research into other hallucinogenics as well, e.g. mushrooms that
contained psilocybin (psilocin)

hofmann was also successful in synthetically producing mescaline from the peyote cactus

ergot fungi grow
on ears

carlos castaneda

DATURA in full bloom
'magic mushroom' graffiti in zurich/switzerland - 'red factory' free-wall area, by INSECT

albert hofmann
swiss chemist albert hofmann
discovered and extracted LSD from
the ergot fungus. it was actually a re-
disocvery. the substance had already
been known in ancient greece (cf.

"the mechanism LSD is quite simple: the doors of perception are being
opened and w suddenly see more of the truth"

just a few weeks prior to his death at the age of 102,
hofmann told mathias broeckers in an interview with
the newspaper 'TAZ':

"LSD came my way"

the interview was published in 2008 and is
available in german language only:

30 april 2008

- albert einstein

'magic mushroom' graffiti in zurich/switzerland ('rote fabrik' free-wall area, 2015, by ST)

mural in zurich / switzerland (2014) by SOUP & co.
- albert hofmann: in 'lob des schauens' (2002)

the entire list of the top 100 world geniuses was publsihed by UK
newspaper "THE TELEGRAPH"

albert hofmann 2002

tim berners-lee
2007: albert hofmann
declared #1 living genius
graffiti news - nachrichten in zusammenhang mit graffiti zürich
7 aug 2015

the list includes quite a few intersting people, e.g. matt groening
(simpsons) (#4), nelson mandela (#5), robert crumb (cartoonist) (#
20), dalai lama + steven spielberg (both #26), noam chomsky (#32),
osama bin laden + bill gates (both # 43) etc...

want to see the full list? here's the link:

in diesem report wird timothy leary nur kurz gestreift. mehr über ihn in
einer künftigen nummer von COUNTDOWN

walt disney
graffiti news - nachrichten in zusammenhang mit graffiti zürich
7 aug 2015

disney was awarded 26 oscars during his lifetime -an eternal record - for his
documentaries, dramas and animated films

albert hofmann rediscovered and synthesized hallucinogenics like LSD, psilocybin and
mescaline for the modern world. TIMOTHY LEARY saw to it that the knowledge of these
substances - and the substances themselves - became accessible for everyone

timothy leary, too, is only mentioned briefly here. a further report in our series 'it's a
psychedelic world' will deal in more detail with the prophet of psychedelic drugs

WALT DISNEYs work appears like a psychedelic trip to children - and to adults who are
able to keep their head free. while DISNEY never admitted being a psychonaut, yet his
work speaks for itself. what's more, artist paul laffoley stated that disney definitely and
regularly experimented with mescaline during the 1930's

graffiti in industrial ruin in zurich/switzerland suburb of buelach, dec. 2013, unknown artist(s)

PEYOTE GRAFFITI in zurich/switzerland ('red factory' free-wall area), 2014

-albert hofmann

CRYSTAL METH graffiti in zurich/switzerland ('red factory' free-wall area, june 2014, unknown artist)

timothy leary, los angeles 1969

PICASSO himself couldn't have done it better: graffiti in zurich/switzerland ('letten' free-wall
area, march 2014, unknown artist)

'letten', march 2014

one result of these MESCALINE experiments was (aside from the animated fairytales)
disney's psychedelic animation mein kind dieser MESKALIN-highs war (neben den
märchenfilmen) disneys psychedelischer animated film 'FANTASIA' (1940). kids instantly
love the move. adults didn't. the movie proved to be a flop for 29 years. only in 1969, three
years after disney's death, when the youth, especially the hippies, turned on to cannqbis,
mescaline, mushrooms, etc, 'FANTASIA' suddenly became a box office success and got out
of the red

peyote cactus (mescaline)

'FANTASIA' screenshots - ©disney

'FANTASIA' screenshots - ©disney

at the same time, DISNEY revived for entire
generations of children in the western world the
almost forgotten fairytlaes amd mythical figures

walt disney in a screenshot from the
trailer for 'snowwhite' (1937). the
animated film was released one year
after his first experiments with
mescaline. since then it has
fascinated generations of kid and

DISNEY planted the truth that everything is alive
and has a soul into the minds of kids, cleverly
avoiding censorship by the system

"alice in wonderland' (1951) was the next major psychedelic movie by disney after 'fantasia

this movie, too, was
way ahead of its time
and only became a
box-office success
starting in the hippie
era at the end of the




jimi hendrix

this is what the
from disney's
'alice in
looks like in the


WALT DISNEY died in 1966, just a few years before his animation films 'fantasia' and 'alice in
wonderful' finally made it and become box-office successes


ROY jr. managed to lead the DISNEY animation studios - after years of decline - into a
second golden era - with m in ein zweites goldenes zeitalter zu führen - with animated
movies such as the little mermaid" (1989), "lion king" (1994), "aladdin" (1992) und
"beauty and the beast" (1991)

this video clip is designed for use as
background music while scrolling
through the 1st half of this page

(lophophora williamsii)

'magic mushroom' graffiti in zurich/switzerland ('rote fabrik' free-wall area, 2015, by ST)

various graffiti in zurich /switzerland (street* and hall), 2012-15, by DOLCE, HGK*, PILZ, SNAKE
(BEAM* = painted 2004, photo 2007)

link to the

more about jimi hendrix, the king of the psychedelic
blues, in a further report of this series

BIRD, 'red factory' dec. 2012

flamingos by SOUP, 'letten', feb. 2014

and this is what it looked like as a graffiti at the 'letten'
free-wall area in zurich (2012-15)

his nephew
walt's work

"the little mermaid' was released in 1989, yet it already existed since 1932 as a project of
walt disney's. walt loved the fairytale and wanted to turn it into an animated feature film
one day. it took 57 years and his nephew roy to make disney's dream came true... but it
finally came true...

ROY junior was seven years old when his father ROY senior erected the disney empire
together with brother WALT DISNEY



SOUP, 'red factory' zurich


PONY, zurich, april 2014

KOB, zurich/switzerland, 'red factory', free-wall area, jan. 2015

zurich 'letten', sept. 2013,
unknown artist

left: BIRD, 'red factory' oct 2014,; center: 2 x SOUP, 'letten'; right: BIRD, zurich oct. 2014

top to bottom: (1) SOUP,
'letten'; (2) SOUP, 'buelach';
(3) unknown, 'letten'



''red factory', sept. 2014, by unknown artist



cheshire cat

graffiti near zurich, by AKT. photo 2015






left: SOUP, zurich 'red factory' march 2015 - right: SOUP, zurich 'letten' , jan. 2015

graffiti in zurich by TRUE LOVE, june 2015

left + right: SNAKE graffiti, zurich, 'red factory' 2015. all '3 mushrooms' themes on this page: BIRD

psychedelic graffiti, zurich 'letten', dec. 2014, by RESKO



"imagination is more important
than knowledge - because
knowledge is limited"

- albert einstein and COUNTDOWN magazine wish to
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"follow the white

timothy leary -

graffiti news - nachrichten in zusammenhang mit graffiti zürich
7 aug 2015

the 'LSD pope'
the turned-on storyteller



our report now continues with a collage of pictures, e.g. screenshots from 'alice' and other disney
classics, with disney quotes and other pictures designed to show how everything blends into a
harmony of color, form, style and spirit: psychedelic fairytales, psychedelic graffiti, psychedelic
music from the sixties... since COUNTDOWN magazine always features graffiti and streetart
photographed in zurich/switzerland, you will find a number of such graffiti photos here which in
the editors' view show a certain disney influence or an affinity for the disney style and/or spirit. in
any case they fit into the theme of this page

the date indicated below a graffiti photo is the date the photo was taken

+ carlos castaneda,
albert einstein



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